Emma Danger Bertoldi – Bis Später Alligators

Chilling with Emma in the studio she shares in Stadtbad Wedding, chatting about the time we’ve shared in Berlin while puts the finishing touches on some new work she’s preparing for her upcoming solo show at Retramp.

Spirit Brothers

Spirit Brothers © Heather Schmaedeke

Originally boredom brought her to here, there’s a really strong street art scene Berlin that she wanted to experience. Emma’s plan was to spend a summer in Berlin before traveling to what she thought would be her new home in Vancouver, Canada. However, after living in Vancouver for three months, as beautiful as it was – it felt too close to home. Society’s rules were too similar to what she left in Australia. Much of her time in Vancouver was spent missing the “Kids of Summer”.


Studio © Heather Schmaedeke

A promise to a friend to return to Berlin to celebrate a birthday, brought Emma back in the dead of winter. So began the next two years of her life in Berlin.

Berlin is a massive playground and Emma has taken advantage of her time here to really grow, to push herself creatively as an artist. Berlin is a good place to find inspiration, there’s a certain amount of freedom that you can take advantage of and it exists in few other places.

Ihren Momenten

Ihren Momenten © Heather Schmaedeke

The upcoming solo show at Retramp will be particularly special for Emma because of the sentimental value. When she first got back from Canada she was offered a really awesome deal at this gallery space. She could live in her studio in the gallery and would be able to organize and curate shows in the space. “It was an amazing thing, because I was able to give artists that I believed in the opportunity to showcase their work. At that point it was more rewarding to promote the work of other artists.”

Dear Johnie

Dear Johnie © Heather Schmaedeke

“The funny part about it is that while I had the space, I never had a solo show there. I participated in a few group shows, but this is the first time I’ll have a dedicated show at ReTramp gallery”. Emma quit her job to create new work for the exhibit, which will include a variety of the work that she’s created over the past two years. Visitors to the gallery will be treated to a variety of work from a two year period, that shows her development as an artist and the affect of the creative atmosphere in which she has been submerged.

Check out the Facebook event here… Bis Später Alligators

Opening Reception: Friday November 28, 2014
Opens at 7:00pm
ReTramp Gallery
Reuterstraße 62, 12047 Berlin



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