Art Spin Berlin: A Bicycle-led Art Crawl

Vanessa Brazeau is an artist, arts organizer and avid cyclist living in Berlin and has been active in the arts community since she moved here in 2012.

Art Spin Berlin

© Art Spin Berlin

Vanessa has brought Art Spin to Berlin, the inaugural tour will be July 31, 2014 in Friedrichshain/Lichtenberg. The bicycle lead art crawl began in Toronto in 2009 as more of a gallery crawl on bikes. Rui Pimenta (the founder of Art Spin) realized that there was an interest in creating projects and art installations in the public sphere. As a result, it transformed to also include site-specific installations, art performances and artist’s studios, using bikes as a way to navigate the city and the creative spaces Toronto has to offer. Vanessa began working with Art Spin in the 2011 season (tours occur three times throughout the summer).

“I love art and I love bikes and it seemed like a natural fit to bring the two together in a city like Berlin. I approached Layne and Rui of Art Spin Toronto about the idea of organizing an Art Spin in Berlin and they were supportive of it. Erin Reznick has since come on board as co-creator of the Berlin tour. While Art Spin Berlin is its own entity, we are inspired by and follows the same mandate as the original.”

The inaugural tour of Art Spin Berlin will be a bicycle-led art crawl of creative venues, art performances, and site-specific installations throughout the Friedrichshain/Lichtenberg neighborhoods. The tour kicks off from the corner of Möllendorff Straße and Frankfurter Allee at 18:30 on July 31, 2014. The Art Spin tour is free and open to everyone, regardless of cycling ability or artistic knowledge.

“The idea for our first tour is to generate excitement and interest in the art community of Lichtenberg, a neighbourhood many people don’t know much about. Our goal is to create a free community based art event outside of a traditional gallery context. Exhibitions are predominately attended by people who are already involved in the arts community, and Art Spin Berlin is a great way to open up to the general public.”

“Ideally, Art Spin Berlin is something that we would like to see grow into a more frequently occurring event.”

“Even if you are not able to attend all of the tour, the route is available on our website along with the times we’ll be at each stop, so you can join when or where ever you like. The last stop, HB55, will be a great place to join in. We have food and drinks available and the first floor of the ateliers will be open for participants to explore. If you are not able to attend and would still like to support Art Spin Berlin and our future tours, we are accepting donations on Startnext at”

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