Idrawalot Collective: Residency Program

Idrawalot has been a gallery and showroom for the last two years in the hub of Berlin’s contemporary art scene. We have hosted exhibitions and worked with local and international artist. The Showroom focusing on Zines, Books and Art Prints.

Showcasing art in it’s purest form as well documentation. Our aim is to focus what we have built within the art community of Berlin to focus on a personal Residency Program to further your career as a working professional artist. Through means of networking with galleries, meeting and working with local and international artist, social media, press, video documentation and more.


© idrawalot

Idrawalot Collective Berlin Germany Residency Program is a free one month studio and residency for working artist in one of the most important art capitols of the world. Providing valuable resources and support for working professional and emerging artist. Specializing in Drawing, Screen Printing, Painting, Murals, Urban & Contemporary Art. Residency is open for artist of all mediums and disciplines.


© idrawalot

This is a repost from the Idrawalot website: click here to read more about this fantastic opportunity.


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