Fish Bowl: Episode 37

Fortnightly the Fish Bowl brings you the some of the best English language comedy in Berlin from the cosy confines of Naherholung Sternchen.  Last week’s episode hosted by Neil Numb featured comedians MF David Deery (USA), Perry Filippeos (SCO/GRE), Daniel Stern (USA), Amelia Jane Hunter (AUS/UK), Nate Blanchard (USA), Neil Numb (SCO).  An account of my first visit to the Fish Bowl for Episode 7, can be found here

Neil Numb

Neil Numb © Heather Schmaedeke

Since that initial visit there have been a few changes, the layout of the interior has changed and there’s no more live music.  The focus of the evening is pure comedy and Caroline Clifford assembles the best and brightest from Berlin’s English language comedy scene.  The rotating line-up of comedians comes from all over the world.

Nate Blanchard

Nate Blanchard © Heather Schmaedeke

Last week’s lineup featured Nate Blanchard, who regaled the audience with stories of racoon transvestites bringing home shaopping bags full of Mc Donald’s to feed orphaned racoon children.  Lovin’ it!

Perry Filpeos

Perry Filpeos © Heather Schmaedeke

Perry Filipeos gave us a glimpse into the joys of growing up Greek.

Amelia Jane Hunter

Amelia Jane Hunter © Heather Schmaedeke

No one should miss the many survival tips brought to you by Amelia Jane Hunter such as…. how to get a truck driver to take you anywhere you want to go.

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern © Heather Schmaedeke

Daniel Stern has you covered with all the do’s and don’ts for dealing with peer pressure.

MF Dave Deery

MF Dave Deery © Heather Schmaedeke

MF David Deery closed out the night with an overview of some of the subtle differences between American and German culture.

BB Rex

BB Rex © Heather Schmaedeke

Just because the comedy has ended, doesn’t mean that you have to go home.  Stick around for another drink and mix it up with the comedians.  After the show B.B. Rex spins 45’s for your listening and dancing pleasure.  If you missed out last week, fret not, like Fish Bowl on Facebook and stay tuned for the next episode January 23rd!

Naherholung Sternchen
Berolina Strasse 7
Berlin, Germany

Doors open at 8pm
Show starts at 9pm
Fortnightly Thursdays – next one is January 23rd. 


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